WH Warriors Basketball PROGRAM

2017-18 SCHEDULE


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FAQs with Coach Salton

When are try-outs?

Try-outs are held the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday BEFORE Thanksgiving.

What must I bring to try-outs?

Your try-out jersey (will be provided), shorts, and basketball shoes. Please do not bring any valuables to try-outs. Jewelry is not to be worn during any try-outs, practices, and/or games.

What must I do before I can try-out?

You must complete the necessary paperwork, get a physical to be cleared to participate, and you must attend the mandatory preseason meeting.

Do I need to get another physical if I had one in the summer before school or if I had one for a fall sport?

No, but you still need to complete the "Health History Update" and "Athletic Parental Consent" forms and hand them into the NURSE so you can be cleared.

How often should I check the website? Off-season: 

Once a week

In-season: Daily

What time are practices?

If you make one of our teams, you can check the practice schedule on our website.  Our Varsity team will typically practice from 2:25-5:00, and our JV and Freshmen teams will typically practice from 4:45-6:45.

Are there Saturday practices?

YES, unless we have a Saturday game.
What is the practice policy?

Players are expected to attend all practices unless there is an emergency. Players are expected to communicate all potential conflicts well in advance to avoid any problems.

How many games do we play?

Varsity will play between 22-26 games a season. JV and Freshmen will typically have a 20-24 game schedule.

What is the typical GAME DAY schedule like?

Freshmen - 3:45 pm

JV - 5:15 pm

Varsity - 7:00 pm

What is the typical AWAY travel schedule?

The Freshmen and JV teams will leave WHRHS at 2:30. The Varsity team will leave for their destination at approximately 5:00. There will only be a bus back to WHRHS after the freshmen and Varsity games.  There will NOT be a bus back to WHRHS after the JV game.  JV players may go home with their parent(s) after their game ONLY if they have a written and signed note (forms located in Athletic office and/or on our website). No exceptions as this is school policy.  JV players may ride the bus home after the Varsity game.

Are the freshman and JV players expected to be at the Varsity Home games?

Members of the program are strongly encouraged to attend our Varsity Home games, but it is not mandatory.

What type of training is my son expected to do in the off-season?Watchung Hills has a large weight room (located near the tennis courts), which is run by our Strength & Conditioning coaches, Bob Coglianese and Spencer Brenn. Members of the team should be training with Coach Cogs/Coach Brenn in the off-season if they are not involved with another WH sport at the time.

HOURS: 2:30 - 4:00

WHERE: gym 4 (near Tennis Courts)

WHEN: Monday - Friday (except Wednesdays)

OPEN GYM: Fall and Summer

During the season, our entire program will be training 1-2 times a week with Coach Cogs and/or Coach Brenn in addition to our practices.

Are there off-season leagues?

Yes, our teams compete in multiple team camps and the Hillsborough JV Summer League. During the fall, we play in a variety of tournaments, Immaculata Varsity Fall league, and open gyms.

Can anyone be a member of one of these off-season leagues?

No, you must be a returning Watchung Hills basketball player.

Which comes first: AAU or Watchung Hills basketball program commitments?

The Watchung Hills basketball program comes first. As a member of our program, you are expected to attend all program activities first prior to any AAU obligations.